Thanks to all participants for your amazing work! We have, after much deliberation, finally found the winners of each respective contest, so without further ado, here they are, the fanart contest first, followed by the must creative, and finally the fandub entries!

Fan art contest entry winners

third place

Hatsune Miku, holding a concert in Tivoli, by Love_Naruto07

Second place

Vocaloid in Avanto, by MAI-Kooyama

First place!

“The Ugly Duckling” by NinjaPandaDesu

Honourable mention

Fairy Tales Miku by reina343
(unfortunately was not from a participant country)

Most Creative Entry!

Eco-Hachune made by ne-flon
Everything black and greenish in Hachune is made from pure leek and liquorice, the rest is made using:
Hairband red part: plastic wrapping from liquorice
Golden plate: plastic wrapping from liquorice
01: plastic wrapping from liquorice
Panel on the sleeve: plastic wrapping from liquorice
Hachune blush: plastic wrapping from liquorice
Background: blue mousepad
Clouds: paper towel
Grass: green packaging paper
Hachunesun: yellowish note paper ( drawn with black marker pen)
Speech bubble: white paper (test written with black marker pen)
Shirt: newspaper

Fandub winning entries!

Third place: Saihate translated and sung in Danish by mewchan

Second place: Hello, How are you? translated and sung in Norwegian by JellyMish

First place: Karakuri Pierrot, translated to and sung in Norwegian by Dragonlover91

All winners will be contacted directly through their deviantart or youtube accounts.

To see all entries to the fanart contest and most creative contest, check out our deviantart account!
Meanwhile, all fandub (and 1 dance video entry!) can be found on the official Comic Party channel playlist

If you’re looking for more Vocaloid related music and art, then check out mikubook.com!


Thanks to all participants, and please keep an eye on Comic Party for more contests in the future!


  1. Anna K says:

    Stort tillykke! Selvom jeg ikke vandt, kan jeg glæde mig til at min intropakke med Comic Party kommer imorgen! ^ō^
    Men jeg har et spørgsmål; HVOR kan man købe Hatsune Miku plushien!? Jeg er så vild med den! Vil altså have den!! :3 Det var derfor jeg deltog, for plushiens skyld! xD Kan man købe den billigt et sted? Eller i Danmark? :3

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